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Growing up in Southern Arizona, born and raised in Tucson, I began telling wild stories when my younger siblings came into the world as a way to help entertain them. 


As a young adult, I worked in assisted living and alongside hospice. I would listen to the tales of people’s lives, and I loved to write them down as a way to remember them


After the birth of my second child, I decided to leave the medical field to raise my children. We traveled around the United States creating stories and learning so much from the people and the cultures around us. It's true, every place you go has hidden treasures right before your eyes. We traveled a lot, moving every couple of years, living in Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Oklahoma, Maryland, and New York. 


As I started looking into the possibility of publishing my books, I worried I wouldn't be able to make it without formal training in writing. All that changed, however, when I met a fellow creative writer who told me, "You don't need a degree to be creative."


Her words inspired me so much that I assembled a team and started writing the fantastic adventures that were demanding to be freed..   

When I'm not writing, I love to spend time with my family, read, as well as blog, and vlog on my YouTube Channel.

He lashed out in anger. “I did everything for you, my Creator! Everything! And yet, you took the one thing in the universe that I wanted more than anything away from me! The only thing!" The angel, sitting there, began to cry and shake with frustration. “Why should I care what you say or think? Go back to your golden throne and let me rot here until eternity ends!”

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