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© 2018 by Dana Gaulin.

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about The Awakening

adult fantasy romance, graphic sexual content

After the death of her parents, Mina, the only surviving member of her father’s bloodline, grows up in her uncle's lavish house on a five-hundred-acre compound.


Planning for the celebration of her and her sultry cousin's 21st birthday, Mina's mind and body begin to awaken. Haunted by her dreams, an unquenchable desire for a man she has never met, begins to drive Mina mad.


Secret orgies and ancient deities leave Mina searching for answers to her past while the desires of her mind and body, the secrets revealing Mina Bellator’s true identity, and the destiny waiting for her, begin to unfold

*Disclaimer: This novel contains graphic sexual content that is not suitable for those under the age of 18

He lashed out in anger. “I did everything for you, my Creator! Everything! And yet, you took the one thing in the universe that I wanted more than anything away from me! The only thing!" The angel, sitting there, began to cry and shake with frustration. “Why should I care what you say or think? Go back to your golden throne and let me rot here until eternity ends!”