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02/17/2021 Writing Prompt...

What Stupid Question Have You Heard Someone Ask (or Asked Yourself)?

The truth is I don't believe in stupid questions. If you ask a question that sounds stupid, it's because you need more clarification.

However, with that being said, one of my children was helping me bring in Costco foods. They grabbed a box of frozen food, stood in the hallway, and asked me where I wanted them to put it. Thinking to myself they were joking, I began to laugh, and when they didn't laugh with me, I realized it was a serious question.

Baffled I asked them, "where do you think I want frozen food?"

"I don't know. That's why I asked."

Palm to face, head shake. I took in a deep breath and said I would like it in the freezer. Later that day, while discussing his strange question, it was revealed that he wasn't sure if I would cook what was in the box for dinner or not that night.

The only stupid question is the question not asked. I am glad that I could get further information out of him, so I realized why the question was asked in the beginning.

Thank you for reading my writing prompt. Feel free to share yours in the comments. <3 Dana Gaulin Writes.

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