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Hello, Lovelies. I am so excited to share with you the news of my Alter Ego Ava Fox's debut series, Seasons of Seduction.

Independence is the first in this thirteen-part series, and available now for free.

Oh, Sweet Summer Lovin! Could he be Mr. Right or just Mr. Right Now?

Once a year, Sadie Brooks reluctantly joins her family on the beach in Kings Bay, Georgia. Heat, sand, and people aren't Sadie's cup of tea. This year Sadie takes matters into her own hands, deciding as a reward she's going to find man, celebrate the 4th of July her way. Fortunately for Sadie, meddlers are one step ahead of her, and maybe Mr. Right Now will turn out to be Mr. Right.

Follow the link below and claim your copy of Independence now. Available until February 24th, 2020


He lashed out in anger. “I did everything for you, my Creator! Everything! And yet, you took the one thing in the universe that I wanted more than anything away from me! The only thing!" The angel, sitting there, began to cry and shake with frustration. “Why should I care what you say or think? Go back to your golden throne and let me rot here until eternity ends!”

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