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Charging my Crystals with The Full Wolf Moon.

For my birthday this year, my sister gave me a wonderful gift that I love so much. I've always been the person who finds joy in gifts from mother nature. Anytime I go on a journey into nature and am gifted a feather, or stone that catches my eye, or a skull in my path, I pick it up and take the gifts home with me. My office holds treasures the universe placed in my way, and I have brought home and guard with my heart.

This year for my birthday, my sister gifted me with an entire set of Chakra stones, various sages. Juniper and cedar being my favorite, and an abalone shell. We sat around the fire in the moonlight until four am, talking about the universe, higher powers, other life forms, the fact that when our Creator created our world, they provided everything we needed to survive and heal.

One of the topics we discussed was cleansing our negative energy from the crystals and recharging them to be more effective. I found myself researching other people's recharging practices with the knowledge I already had and came up with what I hope will prove to be an excellent recharging method.

The first step I used was bathing them in "Ocean" water. I live in southern Arizona. Not necessarily within driving distance of the pacific ocean. So I looked up how I could make Ocean water. Flowing water is a powerful instrument in itself. If you can obtain actual ocean water, that is best, but if you are landlocked like me, you need a bowl of warm tap water and a tablespoon of sea salt. Using bottled water will take away from the natural flow of the water. Pour the tablespoon of sea salt into the warm water and whisk until mostly dissolved.

Next, I cleaned my crystals. When I pray, I cover my head with a prayer shawl. Shutting the door and covering my head creates a private space giving me the ability to focus on my intentions. And connect with my Creator while staying focused with distractions that are frequently around me. I light my sage, a white scentless candle, and start my singing bowl. Once I am focused, I begin my conversation with the Creator, picking up each Crystal and saying out loud what I am releasing, then I place the Crystal into the ocean water.

Once the crystals are in the water, I take the bowl outside, allowing the crystals to bathe in the sunlight. Some people believe you should these steps the day before the full moon. However, if life gets in the way, an hour before sunset on the day of the full moon is better than nothing. After they have bathed in the sunlight, lay a clean towel down and pat dry your crystals.

Finally, once your crystals are dry, light a candle, play your favorite chants, light your favorite incense or smudge stick. As you pick each Crystal up, speak out-loud again the emotions you wish to be free from. Then place Crystal directly onto the earth. I have a particular spot in my garden where I lay my stones. If you have a safe place in your garden, you can bury your crystals overnight that will give them a little more of a charge.

Allow your Crystals to bathe for an hour or two in the morning sunlight before bringing them in. As you set, place them back into their designated spots, manifest new intentions. Meditate about what you will achieve now that the negative energy isn't blocking your path.

The most important thing for you to remember is to follow your intuition. When you do, you will attract positive, healing energies and abundance.

I would love to hear your thoughts on charging Crystals. Please feel free to share the practices that work best for you when charging your crystals or any advice you have on strengthening mine. <3

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