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Cotton BALLS Twin Freaks Episode 2

Updated: Jun 6

The second episode of our new Twin Freaks podcast is available now on YouTube. Cotton BALLS!

I'm the newbie to Twin Peaks and wasn't sure what to expect when my friends began this journey, but so far, it's been a damn good time.

For the record, I think peas are delicious. Sweet peas and snow peas are the best snack foods.

Hey James, be authentic or Get the Fuck Out!

I didn't come to lose my shirt, just to take it off. LOL

Think of the Queen!

Grandma always said, stay away from those boys with motorcycles.

I'm really sorry, Nadine, about your runners.

Ed, You make me SICK!

Agent Cooper is a Lab. Yet, even in the worst of times, he's happy and can the light at the end of the tunnel.

The answer to Nadine's problem Greasy Cotton BALLS!


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