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Ghosty Soaps

Alex is the owner of Ghosty Soaps. A new Etsy shop that opened in 2020.   Alex found an interest in making soap a few years ago when she received a soap making kit for her birthday! Now she loves it and is so excited to share her creations with you!!

What ingredients do you use? Why are they important to you?

I asked Alex how she settled on the name Ghosty Soaps. "A friend suggested it to me, and I just really liked it to start.

 When asked what inspired her to start Ghosty Soaps, she replied. "Honestly, I've wanted to start a business for several years now, starting when I was a bit younger with things like my own bakery or cafè, then a couple of years back for a birthday gift, I received a soap making kit, and I think I used up the whole thing in one day. It was just so fun! I also have always liked self-care products and such, so eventually, the two things collided, creating Ghosty Soaps."

I asked about the ingredients Alex uses to make her soaps. " I use ingredients like essential oils, Epsom salts, melt and pour soap base, and skin safe soap color. I also use things like honey and aloe vera gel as well as vanilla. I like these ingredients because they are natural, skin-safe, and can even provide skin benefits."

Is there anything that inspires you to create soaps? "Holidays tend to spark inspiration in scents and also looking around shops that specialize in essential oils."

What are some of your goals for the future? For example, are you hoping to have products in local shops, etcetera? "I really hope my Etsy store takes off, and I can have my own website at some point."

I wish you all the best Alex, and love your Ghosty Soaps! ~Dana

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