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Give The Gift of Unlimited Reading This Holiday Season

Tis The Season for spending time with Loved ones, sharing a laugh and smile, and giving the perfect gifts. I know we all have at least one loved one on our gift list who has every, and it's next to impossible to find that perfect gift. Well, Kindle Unlimited has made giving the person who has everything an ideal gift this that much easier. Choose one of the 6, 12 or 24-month membership plans. Choose to add Kindle Unlimited to your cart like a regular purchase. Then when you proceed to checkout, you'll be directed to give a gift options page where you enter the recipient's email address and the delivery date. You can also give your gift an extra special touch when you add a personalized message to the delivery email, as well. When your message is complete, click Continue to proceed through checkout. Your Kindle Unlimited gift does not end with *Unlimited reading from over 1 million ebooks; Kindle Unlimited includes *Unlimited listening to thousands of audiobooks, as well as the ability *Read on any device, at any time. So don't wait until the last minute, stressing over what to give this year, click on the link, and send the gift of Kindle Unlimited.



He lashed out in anger. “I did everything for you, my Creator! Everything! And yet, you took the one thing in the universe that I wanted more than anything away from me! The only thing!" The angel, sitting there, began to cry and shake with frustration. “Why should I care what you say or think? Go back to your golden throne and let me rot here until eternity ends!”

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