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Give Your City (or Town, or Region) a New Name. Writing Prompt Day 5...

I'm using these writing prompts to warm up my brain in the mornings and increase my writing speed. Fingers crossed. I would love for you to join me by sharing your thoughts each day in the comments. Or, if you aren't comfortable sharing publicly, you can email me at Danagwrites@gmail.com.

Day 5... Give your city (or town or region) a new name that reflects what type of place it is, and explain why you chose that name.

Satan's Taint, Arizona

It's hot as Hell, but at least we aren't Phoenix.

It's true, though. No one is protecting the desert. The more developers build, the temperature rises, the number of rain decreases, and our delicate ecosystem are being killed to build more cookie-cutter houses. I don't even recognize the city anymore.

But the desert, she's a tricky lady. She knows she can't sustain all this new growth, all the people and their water greedy ways. I've seen her destroy man's buildings one before.

I believe she'll do it again.

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