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If you had been able to choose, would you rather have been an only child or part of a very large family?

I'm the oldest of six children. We are a blended family, and there were times that I prayed I would wake up and be an only child. Trying to get attention from your parents when you are competing with five other people is hard.

I have a nephew who is an only child and watching him grow up, I realized many things I am thankful for, growing up with a large family.

Being the oldest of these siblings, I learned so much through them. Having a large family helps you learn to be diplomatic. I've also learned valuable problem-solving skills. I've learned how to be a leader and delegate duties to everyone so that no one person is doing all the things. I also learned how to be a person of action. If you see something that needs attention take action.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned from growing up in a large family is that I will never be truly alone. I don't always like the things my siblings do or say, but I will always love my siblings.

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