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"Let Them Eat Cake"

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

What is more important to an author than paper and ink? It a lot top with a full batter charge? Ok, well maybe not the most important thing, I can think of an endless list for that. So let me try the question again. After all the necessary items are taken care what is in the top ten most important pleasures to an author?

Well honestly, I don’t have the answer for all authors, but for me, this is simple. Hot coffee, or tea, and treats that are so delicious they are worth the extra work needed to burn off the extra calories. One of these fine items was discovered this afternoon while on an adventure to the super market. I often find myself on grand adventure at the super market, mostly in the clearance isle.

Most people see this as the place where items that are at the end of their life, get cast off. The things no one wanted enough to pay full price, or the pending date stamped on them frightens the average shopper away. Not me though. The clearance isle is where I find the strange and unusual items, I will beg my giant child to try with me. It is the mystery isle I travel down with all the other isles have left me unfulfilled and longing for more. It is the isle where on any given day you will find the crazy cat lady, the grandma who wants to spoil her grandchildren while living on a fixed income, it’s where you find the mom with three jobs who can’t quiet give her children the name brand cereal they see on T.V. unless she makes it to the magical clearance isle before the others get there first.

I have met the most interesting people here and tried the most interesting items in this often looked down upon place, and today was no different. Today, while at the local market, my skinny child and I walked over to a basket filled to the brim with clear and orange wrappers. Next to the basket was a delicate woman who was reading the packaging and looked up to tell me. “It’s regularly six-dollars, it’s on sale for ninety-nine cents.” Out of curiosity I asked her what it was. I picked up a package and read it. St. Pienne Premium French Brioche.

I curiously looked at the packaging, And orange top with a clear window to see the brioche the Eiffel tower to the left and the Arc de Triomphe on the lower right. Trying to decide what Authentic French Brioche was. I look to the elderly woman and said, “It looks like a Hawaiian sweet role made love to a Danish, and their child was a Brioche.” The three of us stood holding the loaf and having a good chuckle. After I wished her a good day, told my skinny son to grab four, and we went on our way.

We checked out and loaded the groceries into the truck, taking two bag of brioche out one for each of us. I was the first to taste the new food discovery. I tore a piece off myself, and the first thing I noticed was the incredible soft texture of the loaf. I placed it into my mouth, closed my eyes, and thought for sure I had died, and the chefs of heaven were cooking for me.

The bread was sweet and moist, and fluffy. The delicate taste of vanilla spread itself over my taste buds, filling my heart with joy, and wish I had a hot cup of tea to top off this perfect moment of my day. “You have got to try this. It’s amazing.” Is all I could say to my skinny son. He opened his package and took a bite. Then quickly agreed with me that it was the perfect love child of a Hawaiian Sweet Role, and a Danish.

As we sat in my truck waiting for my Mini Monster to get out of school and eating our Brioche Marie Antoinette came into my mind. My mom did her DNA and found out that we are in fact DNA similar to the Queen consort of King Louis VXI of France, Marie Antoinette was also one of my daughters favorite Queens. I snickered to myself thinking of her famous miss quoted line. “Let them eat cate.” Then I noticed that a portrait of the famous Queen was on the side of the package.

I began to read The Brioche Story. “Let them eat cake.” Marie Antoinette Queen Consort of King Louis XVI of France 1793. Brioche is the most elegant and indulgent of all French breads. Rich and sweet, with a delicate soft texture and a golden crumb, it has been enjoyed by Parisians since the 17th century. Excellent for breakfast, brioche is treated link a cake, sliced and served with fresh cream and berries. Brioche is also get for a quick desert.

I can honestly say that if this was the cake I was forced to eat during a famine I wouldn’t not complain in the least, but alas Marie Antoinette did not tell her starving people to eat cake. I highly recommend this beautiful sweet treat to everyone.

Follow this link to the official website of St. Pierre Bakery, there you can see detailed description of their products and where you can purchase the using your zip code to locate merchants. http://stpierrebakery.com/

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