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Twin Freaks Episode 1...

Hello. Happy May 15th. A group of Author friends and I have been working on a behind-the-scenes non-writing-related project, and today I get to share it with you.

You might be asking yourself, why would you want to share a non-writing-related project with us. The answer is simple, you need to have fun to keep your brain creative and avoid burnout.

My friend and horror author Sarah Scharnweber (the obsessive moron) loves Twin Peaks. She will make references during her live streams and in conversations. Sarah can't even count how many times she's watched the series and listened to the books. By the way, the series inspired the book.

When I first met Sarah, I had mentioned that I was familiar with the movie but hadn't watched the series. I was raised in a home with adults who monitored what we watched and limited our T.v. Time.

Being exposed to the movie first was traumatizing enough. Finding out there was an entire television series that aired on ABC was mind-boggling for me. Turns out the series was less intense than the movie.

Sarah had come up with the idea to have a group of her friends with different levels of Twin Peaks experience. Sarah is the obsessive moron, also the ring leader, our friend CJ Boyler has been there done that, and our Friend Tamara Woods is a second timer making me the newbie.

I had always thought it would be fun to be a part of a podcast, and I must say it's excellent. I get to enjoy time with my friends, laugh at Jame's forehead, feel sorry for the log lady and wish I had a damn fine cup of coffee and slice of cherry pie.

Click on the link, and check out the fun we have together.

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