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What did you get into trouble for the most when you were a kid?

I was an only child for the first four years and twenty-four hours of my life. Then one day, without warning, my mom showed up at my birthday party with a baby. The first time my new sister cried, I asked my mom when she was going home. When the words, "she's not going home, she lives with us. Beth is your new sister." Those words caused something awful to awaken within me. I became very jealous of this baby, who everyone loved and paid attention to. It was as if I had become a ghost. I was there, but no one could see me.

My jealousy grew, and as my sister grew, so did my anger towards her. We would fight about the dumbest things, and occasionally we would get into physical altercations. I would do stupid things like spray paint "I hate you, mom." On a block wall and blamed it on my three-year-old sister. I honestly don't remember doing this, but it is the story my mom tells.

One of the worst things I ever did to my sister happened when I was five or six. I can vividly remember this happening and occasionally have nightmares about it. My aunt was babysitting the two of us while my mom was at work. I'm not sure how I got ahold of a razor, but I did, and I decided to use it and shave off my sister kewpie doll curl; everyone made such a fuss over it.

My mother came home that night. I had never heard my name come out of her mouth with so much hate before. She grabbed me by my hair, spanked me, and marched me to my grandma's house, where she left me. In my young mind, she loved my sister more than me after that moment.

There were a few other times where I did some dumb things to my sister. Like the time when I threw a hard plastic plate from the '70s like a frisbee. My sister was sleeping, my brother and I were tossing things on her so she would wake up. Little did I know she would wake up precisely at the perfect time for the plate to hit her right in the middle of her forehead, giving her the biggest, bloody goose egg I have ever seen.

I was such an ass hole to my little sister when we were young. And I got into tons of trouble because I allowed my jealousy to control my judgment. I am forty-one years old, and she is thirty-seven. I have asked her to forgive me. A simple apology wouldn't make up for my asshole way. Thankfully she did forgive me, and we are close today. I honestly couldn't imagine my life without my sister in it.

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