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Who is Ava Fox, and Why Erotic Romance?

Hi. I'm Ava Fox, and I write erotic romance novels. My short stories and novels have romance as the plotline's primary focus and are characterized by intense, often explicit, sexual content.

I began writing in November 2006 during a cross country road trip, having read erotic stories by other authors, hustler stories, and penthouse letters. I realized that I wasn't the only woman I knew who was timid about their desires. Each new place I visited offered inspiration for my spicy and adventurous erotic stories. Unfortunately, during another cross country move in 2008 and a hard drive crash in 2009, most of my original work is lost. Thankfully My mind is always roaming into fantastic situations for spontaneous intimate encounters.

I've learned over the years that erotica can be very healing. Erotica helped me through some ugly parts of life. When the world was at it's worst, I can take control and get lost in her fantasy world, writing about love and sex and how the two are powerfully healing—emerging more confident and less stressed thanks to the cuddle hormone oxytocin.

I'm an advocate for safe, smart sex and the importance of sexual education. You'll never read of one of my characters being harmed, and I go to great lengths to respect the different sexual cultures and ensure that what you read in my writing is not harmful to the characters.

Unfortunately, during another cross country move in 2008 and a hard drive crash in 2009, her original works were lost, leaving me devastated and into taking a three-year sabbatical from writing altogether.

Thankfully today, with the encouragement of my husband, friends, and family, I"m back to roaming into fantastic mythical situations for spontaneous intimate encounters.

My books don't stop with romance. They include paranormal elements, fantasy, and mystery genres. I enjoy writing erotic romance novels and taking my readers more in-depth into the details of the bedroom and other fun fantasy places, where traditional romances hesitate to go. Creating explicit sex scenes encourages character development and bringing inspiration and creativity into the reader's life.

Many people have suggested that Erotic Romance is nothing more than pornography. However, erotic romance is not classed as pornography. By definition, works of pornography consist of sexual acts without a plotline. Erotic romance, however, includes well-developed characters and at least one primary plot with the possibility of subplots. The primary and/or subplots can stand alone without explicit sex, but the story's characterizations will suffer dramatically if the sexual content is removed.

I enjoy bringing creativity into my readers' lives, helping others to take control of their sexuality, by producing exciting stories, plus fun, informative blog posts. Never be afraid to enjoy your body and your sexuality.

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