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Write about Something Presently in Your Life that is "Worth It." Day 6...

I'm using these writing prompts to warm up my brain in the mornings and increase my writing speed. Fingers crossed. I would love for you to join me by sharing your thoughts each day in the comments. Or, if you aren't comfortable sharing publicly, you can email me at Danagwrites@gmail.com.

Day 6... Write about something presently in your life that is "worth it."

Not many people know this, but 2020 was the year that broke me. While the world was shutting down to lessen the beverage bug's impact, I started the fight of my life.

My ex-husband had a new child with her new wife. They told Mini-Monster that they planned to remove her from my home and force her to attend school in PA. Mini-Monster said to them that she didn't want to move. The family she knows is in Arizona. Her life long friends were in Arizona, she had just started her freshman year, and was planning on playing her trumpet for the Pride of Arizona at the UofA.

In March, Mini-Monster begged me to fight for her to stay in Arizona. Mini-Monster has anxiety and depression. We finally had her on track with a therapist. She and I were seeing a therapist together. He helped us understand each other better, and when we clashed with each other, he helped us pick up the pieces, understand each other, and move forward.

I found a lawyer that would take my case, and I spent the majority of 2020 in fear for my family's health, trying to maintain some level of normality and defending myself from lies. My ex-spouse subpoenaed everyone and anyone she could And requested a deposition from the therapist who failed my child. And to add salt to the wound, she asked that the courts make me pay for her attorney's fees.

But, It was worth it. Fighting for my daughter was worth every penny to ensure that my daughter's voice is heard, that her hopes and dreams of her future are listened to and nurtured.

It was worth fighting her elitist bio-father who lied in court, and even after I proved she lied in court, won based on the fact that she makes more money than I do. It was worth it and continues to be worth it.

Now my ex-spouse is going after my parental right. She is trying to make it so that I no longer have 50/50 legal decision making. It is worth it to fight for my daughter that I continue to be her sound gong, so my ex-spouse is forced to hear her wishes.

My ex-spouse is a bully. The judge who moved my daughter out of state and away from her friends and family ruled against my ex—forcing her to allow my daughter to choose her therapist and health care providers.

I still struggle with the logic of it's in my daughter's best interests to live in a state she knows no one, and yet, in the end, the judge found it necessary to put in stipulations to protect my daughter from my controlling ex-spouse.

All the money in the world doesn't make you a better parent. All the money in the world and fancy trips don't fix the abandonment issues caused by our divorce.

In the end, it was worth it. It is Worth it, my daughter is worth every penny this fight has cost us.

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