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Writing Prompt Day 3... 02/03/2021

This year, one of my goals is to share a bit of my life every day through the writing prompts in a book my children bought me for Christmas. I plan to use these writing prompts to warm up my brain in the mornings and increase my writing speed. Fingers crossed. I would love for you to join me by sharing your thoughts each day in the comments. Or, if you aren't comfortable sharing publicly, you can email me at Danagwrites@gmail.com.

Day 3... What is your favorite work of art? What do you love about it?

My favorite work of art is Georgia O'Keeffe's Black Iris and Grey Lines with Black, Blue, and Yellow.

Growing up as a young girl, I would see these paintings hanging on the walls at my sister's grandma's house. My mom had told me they were paintings of flowers. But I could clearly see that there was more to them.

As I grew older and started understanding sexuality and people's bodies, it became clear that hidden in Georgia O'Keeffe's beautiful flowers represented a woman's beautiful vagina.

Once my brain made the connection, it couldn't be undone. To this day, When I look at delicate Iris, I see the gorgeous entrance to a woman's body. Something worthy of praise and worship. A life-giver, a love maker, the perfect creation.

Tell me, what is your favorite work of art? What do you love about it?

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