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Writing Prompt Day One 02/01/2021

This year, one of my goals is to share a bit of my life every day through the writing prompts in a book my children bought me for Christmas. I plan to use these writing prompts to warm up my brain in the mornings and increase my writing speed. Fingers crossed. I would love for you to join me by sharing your thoughts each day in the comments. Or, if you aren't comfortable sharing publicly, you can email me at Danagwrites@gmail.com.

Day one...

Prompt: What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

First, I need to inform you that the only way I can genuinely enjoy an entire lazy day is knowing my house is clean. Usually, I spend the whole day before, is spent cleaning from top to bottom.

When I first wake up on my lazy day, I grab my kindle off the nightstand and begin reading in the dark. Once I am ready to leave my bed's comfort, I walk the house, lighting wax melts that smell magical. Then I make my coffee and enjoy the silence of the moment.

Once people begin waking up, I move from room to room, searching for silence. I might handwrite a few personal cards. Lots of hot tea will be drinking throughout the day. I'll focus on reading as many self-published books as possible, allowing myself to doze in and out of sleep.

My lazy days are also fend for yourself in the kitchen days. This woman can survive on sandwiches and soup until the cows come home.

Now it's time for you to share with me. What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

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