Recommended Reads

Suggestion 376

Sarah Scharnweber

Suggestion 376 is a collection of short stories by Sarah Scharnweber.

Contains 11 short stories, including: Taxidermy – A man is forced to crawl back to his girlfriend for forgiveness after cheating on her. Taxidermy has also been made in to a short film. By Travis Legge

Sheikh's Pregnant Cinderella

by Maya Blake

"I recommend this book for anyone who needs a light hearted read, with instant romance, and an obvious happy ending."

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

by Ann Rice

"Anne Rices is a Queen in her own right."


by Dina Torkia

 "I love Dina Torkia and am inspired by her story. Dina gives a rarely seen behind the scene look into the life a Musilm woman, as she tries to stand out in Mainstream media, and still balance her faith, family, and love for fashion."

My Diarrhe

by Miranda Sings

"Set in a “Diary” format My Diarrhe shows it’s audience the struggles of a young Miranda and the awkwardness of growing up and trying to find your place in the universe."

The Emotion Thesaurus (Series)

Anglea Ackerman & Becca Puglist

"These four books have helped me to develop my characters and helped me to have a better understanding of why they do the things they do and think they way do. Absolute must haves."

The Elements of Style

William Strunk Jr. & E.B. White

This is a small book that has the strength of a tusami. Every author, writer, editor should have this book at hand.


Minx Kenocha

Encounters is a clever and imaginative classic fairy tale re-telling, both modern and fantastical. "I was captivated by the mystery of the sigil, and captivated by the imagination of Minx Kenocha." It’s mysterious and full of twists to the very end! 18+ 

The Stand

Stephen King

"Most people know this books story from the made for TV movie, but it’s an absolute MUST READ."


by K.M. Rice

"Once you first read Ophelia, you must lay it down, take a deep breath and go back to the beginning. Only then will you see the hidden treasures you passed along your first journey."

Jesus Calling

Sarah Young

"I love this devotional. Jesus Calling goes by the days of the calendar, and offer short devotionals with a recommended scripture to follow up with. I love it, and highly recommend it to all. My #1 for sure."

On Writing

Stephen King

"Anyone who is interested in writing, of any kind, should read this book."

Self Editing for Fiction Writers

Renni Brown & Dave King

I truly have a better understanding of the editing process after reading this book, so much so, that it has a permenant home on my office desk."

Save the Cat

Blake Snyder

"I can say that I have improved on my dialog and strengthening my ability to paint the image on the page in my readers head after reading this book."

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